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EBMI New Tech Car Wash
Investment in India

New Technology Self-Service Car Wash Machines Made in Germany

Exotic Group (Today EBMI EUROPE) – In 2018 we were the first company in history of India to introduce 21st century cleaning solution for cars and motorcycles with German Company EHRLE Car Wash.

Today EBMI India is partners with World’s largest cleaning technology company made in Germany and present in 190 countries.

Self-Service – Car Wash Technology – more is more than environment friendly сleaning technology. Our self-service wash systems stand out with their quality of wash, saving water, low price for customers, time saving and 21st century design.

Why EBMI is investing with world leaders european manufactors in Self-service car wash in India.

The self-service car wash is an automated service, with which the car owners can wash their vehicle independently with or without any external support.

For this purpose, stationary posts designed for one parking space and equipped with a panel with connected equipment are installed in the car wash complex. A simple interface allows you to choose a number of paid services, such as: washing with water, with foam, with osmosis; waxing; drying; dry and wet cleaning of the interior and trunk of the car with a self-service vacuum cleaner. Depending on the number of selected services, the final cost of the car wash is formed – at the average check of 300 rupees or 3.5 euro. A full–fledged car wash at self-service posts takes 7-10 minutes, which allows you to avoid long queues and save on staff.


The phenomenon of self-service car washes consists in the following advantages:

  • We have direct contracts with oil companies and space available for car wash.
  • EBMI Europe and international Hass Holding Limited, created a brand in India - Smart Car Wash powered by Ehrle, where our CEO Mr. Luszczewski was the Managing Partner as well the CEO.
  • Smart Car Wash has made a market proof of the concept achieving the highest number of cars washed on a single bay in India and other countries
  • The customer’s satisfaction is above our expectations.
  • We cater to 98,2 % of car owners with low price, time saving and quality.
  • The business is setup in a way, that the return on investment is in approximately from location within 12-18 months.
  • The self-service car wash space is ideal for locations like: Petrol Stations, shopping malls, hotels, airports, car dealers, service centers, office buildings as well residential communities.

Performance Meets Sustainability

Car washing has never been more environmentally friendly – why not demonstrate this at your site? Our self-service wash systems stand out with their efficient use of resources, environmentally friendly cleaning technology and low energy consumption.

In the vehicle cleaning sector, productivity is the decisive success factor. Improving productivity has a direct impact on earnings.

  • Consultation
    Deciding on a vehicle cleaning system is more than just a decision in favour of a machine. We support you from site analysis to the marketing and communication concept to final installation.
    During this time, you can benefit from our interna-tional experience and extensive expertise.
  • A strong brand
    We put the customer at the heart of all our thinking and action. Cleaning tasks should become easier, more comfortable and more efficient. Our aspiration: Kärcher makes a difference. In vehicle cleaning, we primarily achieve this for you through innovative technology, sustainability and future- oriented services.
  • Machines and accessories
    We are pioneers when it comes to high-pressure cleaning. Our systems are robust, powerful and economical. Our technology is sophisticated, reliable and proven. With our systems and versatile accessories, you are perfectly equipped for any task at any time.
  • Digital transformation
    Digital applications are essen-tial to success. We offer you innovative solutions with maximum cost-effectiveness and un paralleled convenience to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Cleaning agent
    Effectiveness and productivity in vehicle cleaning are inextricably linked with the use of the correct cleaning agent. Only cleaning agents which are perfectly suited to system and customer re -quirements guarantee optimal results in the long term.
  • Financing
    We offer you modern financing options in cooperation with well-known leasing partners with great flexibility and economy, to maintain liquidity and expand the scope for action of your business.
  • Service
    Your system is installed and runs without a hitch. To ensure your system remains this way in the long term, we offer you ongoing support. Our service packages and Kärcher customer service and factory- trained service partners guarantee problem-free operation in the long term.
  • Sustainability and the environment
    For many years, Kärcher has been the driving force for sustainability and environmental protection in cleaning technology. As a leading global provider of cleaning systems, we have the responsibility to develop durable prod-ucts with which our customers can clean in a way that conserves energy and resources. They ensure not only maximum cleanliness but also value preser-vation. Without unnecessary harm to the environment.

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