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At Paged Meble, we design and manufacture furniture as durable as the foundations on which our over 140-year tradition is based: the use of wood as the most noble natural material, respect for the environment and its resources, and the cultivation of precise handwork that makes each of our products unique.

Wood is a durable material that acquires perfection as it matures. For thousands of years people have appreciated it, surrounding themselves with objects made from it. At Paged Meble we treat this raw material as a treasure, given to us by Nature, so we source wood in a sustainable and responsible way.

We respect the perfection of Nature's creations. We provide our products with an unparalleled lifespan so that our planet's resources are used less frequently. We use only environmentally friendly materials for our furniture. We strive to minimise the CO2and water consumption, streamlining our processes.

We consciously opt for traditional technologies that make extensive use of the precision and dexterity of human hands and are environmentally neutral. Among these, beech wood bending technology, which dates back to the 19th century, holds a special place. As a result, each piece of furniture is slightly different from the others, bearing a part of the individual personality of the craftsman-artist making it.

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