Digital and advanced technologies

We offer to provide integrated engineering consultancy services using high-end digital engineering suites. New digital tools converge with the engineering domain expertise to offer a new line of services that provides incredible value to customers.

Sustainable Engineeronomics

A unique offering encompassing Building & Infrastructure Engineering Services with a balanced approach on project Life cycle cost and sustainability.

Planning and design

Under the expertise we provide Master – Planning, Architecture, Interior design, smart cities and urban design solutions. Our design team follows an innovative and holistic design thinking approach backed by research to deliver futuristic yet contextual, robust design solutions.
We are providing documentation process consisting of information about different phases of any project like design, construction planning, construction, facility management and operation.

Sustainable integrated design

This is a Single Point Design Service to ensure that sustainability is at its best, giving close control on project economics and design aspirations.
Under this our experts provide Master- planning, architectural, structural, infrastructure, transport planning, building engineering & vertical transportation, Green Certification and all allied services.

Sustainability services

Complete handholding of the project teams starting from the conceptual design to optimize in the sustainability quotient of the project thereby raising the certification rating. We consistently innovate to be in sync with current market trends. Offering under the expertise include SDG Consulting, ESG framework development & compliance, Advanced Building Energy Monitoring using IOT, Retro – commissioning and New Building Services Commissioning, Energy Audits using Continuous Monitoring, Remote Energy Analytics, climate change services and CSR consultancy.

Program Management

We provide Program Management services for all stages of a project life cycle – From Project planning, designing, procurement, construction and operations.
Our program management services involve the due diligence of the project activities to forecast foreseeable constraints and delays, define the project objectives, provide constructive environment to run the project successfully and handhold the client throughout the project lifecycle.

We also provide niche services especially for heritage, restoration and high-end office work, to handhold complete program of implementation as owner’s team.

Insolvency resolution

We provide Corporate Insolvency Resolution through a legal recovery mechanism for creditors. 

Asset Digitization
& Asset Information Management

We build client-centric digital solutions which strengthen asset manager/investor relationships.

Product Engineering - Design and Analysis

Efficient product design and analysis to help companies with to analyze market trends, identify deficiencies, and optimize products accordingly.

Engineering IT Services

We bring IT and engineering services expertise under one roof to solve complex business problems for its clients.

Value Engineering

We provide Value engineering - organized effort directed at analyzing designed building features, systems, equipment, and material selections for the purpose of achieving essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost consistent with required performance, quality, reliability, and safety.