Law & Taxes

Business law

Nowadays running a business is more and more complicated. New laws are coming in force every other day. Staying on top of all these regulations by Yourself can be difficult.

Fortunately, team of our experts can provide You with all help and guidance You might need to run Your business in most efficient way that complies with every regulation put on You by law starting from setting up Your company, through acquiring all permits necessary, up to providing day to day advisory.

Press law

We have long experience in providing legal advice to media companies in relation to press and media law; we have advised on registering new press and media product; we support editorial teams, writers and television producers; we represent media companies and journalists to defend them against claims, injunctive relief, damages and compensation. We also have experience in providing legal advice to the other side of the divide. Our attorneys specializing in press and media law are equally familiar with the details of local case law and have a high level of experience and accuracy, combined with speed and cost awareness.

Criminal law

There is no such legal issue, when it comes to criminal law, that we would not be able to cope with. Our team consists of 26 very skilled lawyers specialised in criminal law. We handle complex criminal matters concerning, inter alia, bribery and corruption, fraud, criminal activities to the detriment of the company, abuse of powers, removal of assets, participation in organised criminal groups as well as common offences.

White-collar crimes and compliance

Conducting a business involves adopting necessary regulations and policies required by law. Our role is to ensure that your organisation is compliance and safeguard it against potential criminal liability. Thereby, we provide verification of contractors (KYC procedures) and support the security transactions (AML).

Personal rights

It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses and private individuals to protect their personal rights. We have long experience of handling press-related litigation. Our experienced and highly regarded personal rights attorneys advise a very broad spectrum of clients on issues relating to reputation and privacy. We operate at the highest level of discretion, combined with speed and cost awareness. Our clients benefit from our long experience of handling numerous lawsuits involving personal rights.

Labour law

Every successful business is built by its people. But employing great people comes with many responsibilities, many of which You might not even be aware of.

Our experts will help you in every issue regarding your employees, starting from preparing labour agreements and cooping with all labour and employers’ requirements as well as terminating labour agreements and support you in disputes with current and former employees.

Negotiation and contracts, including international agreements

As they say – hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Every contract should be negotiated according to this saying.
Our team of experts will help You in every step of the way – starting from negotiating the contract in the way most protecting Your interest, then advising You on through performance of the contract, ending with support with any claim You or Your business partner may have in connection to the contract negotiated.


Our litigation attorneys provide a wide range of litigation services for both corporate entities and individuals in the pursuit and defence of their claims. We offer a range of solutions wherever possible and we are always ready to discuss alternative options with you. However, if an amicable solution cannot be reached, we take over representation in court. We are attentive to both overall picture and to detail. We represent clients before common and administrative courts, as well as arbitral tribunals and we have won some of the most prominent court actions in Poland in recent years.

Real estate and investments

Acquiring real estate is always a big deal. That is why it should be always done with highest level of percussion.

Our experts will advise You not only whilst acquiring real estate – to make sure You buying it with accordance to law and form entitled party but also in process of building or renovating any building or infrastructure.

Internal investigations

As they say “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, we provide support for companies in preventing and detecting irregularities before they become a significant concern. Our team conducts internal investigations into alleged wrongdoing, such as economic fraud or losses resulting from the failure to comply with employee obligations. By eliminating irregularities and inefficiencies, we help businesses save or recover funds lost as a result of such actions.