EBMI International Trading


We are exclusive partner with largest mining & manufactures companies in South-East ASIA, Australia, South Africa for International markets.
Our Vision is to bring over 100 years of Worldwide Business success to our customers to provide growth and profits to countries, regions, companies and individuals via unique hands-on solutions
Mark Gray Managing Partner

EBMI Company profile

EBMI GROUP strength lies within the words ‘Global Thinking’.

Operates on a global basis. Our existing international network is located at key global trading hubs, which allows us to offer a wide coverage and presence in some important international markets. We are expanding our fleet and trading operational to cover more potential markets. Among our products are coal, gold, nickel, cement, PV Panels and medical tools.

Our positive approach and attitude foster a relentless determination to deliver projects beyond expectations and in doing so, it sets us apart from our competitors.

As a business, we uphold our original founding principles of integrity, ethics and consistent service delivery.

Presently, EBMI Group is an efficient, global, well managed and fully resourced organisation with a consistent track record of delivering high quality results for our clients.

→ Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise in negotiating the best prices across many sectors throughout the world.

→ Our interests lie in repeat long term customs who understand the benefits of doing business on a win-win basis. Repeat customers require 100 % commitment to providing quality products and services on time and within budget.

Our Mission

We convert customers’ needs to Global Opportunities.

Our Vission

EBMI Group is to maximizing benefit for customer by improving our productivity and developing solutions suited to their specific characteristics and needs using a team of well-established professionals

Our Future

Our future is to become a reference point for our customers in a global market by giving value added to our product while tapping into our team’s specific know-how and experience in various market.

Our Values



By distinguishing each other’s dissimilarities, we show deliberation for one another, and seek to truly understand and respond to the requirements and expectations of our external and internal stakeholders.



We strive to make daily decisions that are principled and ethical thus build assurance and effective international associations.



We have curious minds to seek new perspectives to challenges, and test if the typical method is the best option for the best outcome.



We take pride in our inner drive to excel and evolve as professionals which we display through our strength, confidence, and enthusiasm.



We have an determined focus on increasing safety awareness to everyone around us. We identify and action safer work practices to create a safe work environment for ourselves and others.